Estate Planing Life Insurance

Wealthy clients often need transfer tax solutions that go beyond those that work well for smaller estates. For example, while life insurance inside an ILIT can be a great tool for a $5 million estate tax liability, rarely will an illiquid client with a $100 million liability be excited about funding premiums (and gift taxes) for a policy of that magnitude.

Because HNW Life Insurance specializes in the high net worth marketplace (usually $10 million net worth and up), most of the problems we see are both complex and unique – and all of them are large.

To find answers, the firms principals are in constant communication with the nation’s leading thinkers in our field – often speaking with dozens of the nation’s top tax attorneys, accountants and “money people” in any given week.

As a result, HNW Life Insurance is consistently among the first to hear about all kinds of new tax and insurance ideas., the majority of which are not suitable for our clients (or yours) because they are either poorly conceived or highly risky.

Fortunately, however, HNW Life Insurance also hears about outstanding new ideas that are both conservative and powerful – even though they are not yet well known. While many of our ideas include insurance as a component, some involve no insurance at all.

Out of more than 1,500 insurance carriers in America, only a relative handful have the expertise to write multi-million dollar policies. From these, HNW Life Insurance works with only those that have the highest ratings – typically the top 90th percentile and above.

HNW Life Insurance enjoys an excellent reputation with these “Top 20″ carriers., and in many cases our Medical Director and CEO have personal relationships with carrier CEOs and Chief Underwriters alike.

While carriers use objective criteria when evaluating an applicant’s health, the reality is human relationships can often yield far better underwriting results – and therefore better pricing that normally could be expected.