Business Planning

Successful business owners often need tax solutions, executive benefits, and business continuity strategies that go beyond those that work for the masses. For example, while a 401(k) plan can be a great tool for an employee to reduce their taxable income, rarely will a business owner or highly compensated employee get excited about funding such a minimal contribution.

Because HNW Life Insurance specializes in the high net worth marketplace (usually $250,000 of adjusted gross income and up), most of the problems we see are both complex and unique – and all of them large.

To find answers, the firms principals are in constant communication with the nation’s leading thinkers in our field – often speaking with dozens of the nation’s top tax attorneys, accountants and “money people” in any given week.

As a result, HNW Life Insurance is consistently among the first to hear about all kinds of new tax and insurance ideas., the majority of which are not suitable for our clients (or yours) because they are either poorly conceived or highly risky.

Fortunately, however, HNW Life Insurance also hears about outstanding new ideas that are both conservative and powerful – even though they are not yet well known. While many of our ideas include insurance as a component, some involve no insurance at all.