Advance Rates and Life Insurance Premium Financing

For those of you unfamiliar with life insurance premium financing we recommend reviewing our prior post explaining the basics of this technique in the estate planning process. Life insurance premium financing is a process by which the owner of a life insurance policy secures a loan from a bank to make premium payments on a life insurance policy. … [Read more...]

Life Insurance Premium Financing

Life insurance premium financing allows a policy owner to borrow money from a bank to pay for life insurance premiums. Life insurance premium financing is a great way for a high net worth individual to pay premiums on a life insurance policy. As with any type of planning there are pros and cons to entering into a life insurance premium finance … [Read more...]

A Few of the Basics

As an estate planning tool life insurance has become an attractive alternative to provide necessary liquidity for estate taxes. The challenge is nobody knows what is going on with the estate tax. For instance, under current estate tax law there is NO estate tax in 2010. With that said Congress has hinted at a number of policy changes that may make … [Read more...]