Understanding Universal Life Insurance Crediting Rates

Universal life insurance offers premium flexibility and cash values. Learn how different policy crediting rates can effect overall policy performance. … [Read more...]

What is Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy that offers premium and death benefit flexibility.  As with all permanent life insurance policy (e.g. whole life, variable life, etc.), universal life has 3 components (1) premium, (2) cash value, and (3) death benefit. The cash value of a universal life policy is determined by the … [Read more...]

Dividend Options for Whole Life Insurance Policies

As briefly mentioned in our recent article, Whole Life Insurance, there are various dividend options that range dependent upon policy and carrier. Dividends are not guaranteed and can vary from year to year based on a carrier’s profitability. How can you use dividends? Purchase Paid Up Additions. Paid up additions are fully paid up single … [Read more...]

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance is a type of life insurance guaranteeing the premium payments and the death benefit. A whole life insurance policy has 3 components (1) premium, (2) cash value, and (3) death benefit. The cash value of the policy is typically determined by a dividend rate determined by the life insurance carrier. There are several types of … [Read more...]

A Brief Look at Understanding Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Equity indexed life insurance can be a great alternative for an individual, who is interested in participating in market returns, but does not want any downside risk. This video reviews how cap rates, participation rates, and guarantees effect the performance of an EIUL policy. … [Read more...]