The Hidden Opportunities of Selling Your Life Insurance Policy

The life settlement industry has changed the way people view life insurance. Life settlements also known as life insurance settlements, senior settlements, or senior life settlements have quickly become an important tool for insured age 65 and over. A life settlement is a financial transaction in which an insured over the age of 65 sells an … [Read more...]

Should I Use a LIBOR or PRIME Based Loan for Life Insurance Premium Financing?

You’ve made the decision to purchase life insurance as a part of your estate plan, and you’ve made the decision to use bank financing to pay the premiums. But, do you want a LIBOR or PRIME based loan? There are 4 different LIBOR rates (1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month). Most life insurance premium finance LIBOR based loans utilize the … [Read more...]

Equity Indexed Universal Life from a Carriers Perspective

Equity indexed universal life is a relatively new type of life insurance product that operates on the chassis of a more traditional product called universal life. For purposes of making a comparison, both products are identical with the exception of how they credit the policy cash surrender value. The cash surrender value of an equity indexed … [Read more...]

Life Insurance for Accumulation…Not So Fast!

I have not been a proponent of using life insurance as an accumulation vehicle. There are number of insurance agents across the country who believes this is one of the few ways to accumulate assets in a tax efficient manner.  And, I’ve also heard and read the comments about the only reason any one would recommend this type of strategy is to earn a … [Read more...]

Gift Tax Alternatives for Acquiring Life Insurance…Private Split Dollar

You’ve been financially successful and are at a point in life where it is important to begin preserving your wealth for your family. Life insurance, as an estate liquidity tool, can play an important role in maintaining your wealth. Although life insurance owned by an irrevocable trust is not subject to estate tax, the gift of the premiums to the … [Read more...]