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From Sunset to Sunrise…The New Tax Bill

By Jason R. Mericle
December 21, 2010


The Estate Tax “Compromise” Bill

By Jason R. Mericle
December 14, 2010

A Cautionary Tale for Trust Owned Life Insurance (TOLI)

Life insurance may often be central to a insured’s plans. It can help provide for surviving family, build cash values, provide liquidity to pay estate taxes, and help provide a source of funds for family liquidity. In many situations, an insured chooses not to directly own the life insurance.

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Buy Sell Agreements

Effective buy-sell agreements establish the terms, price and procedures for transferring a departing owner’s interest in the event of a premature death or disability of a business owner, lifetime transfer or sale of the business, or retirement of a key business owners.

Estate Planning Solutions

Estate Planning Insurance

Split Dollar Life Insurance

A split dollar arrangement can be helpful in estate liquidity planning to minimize income, estate, and gift taxes. This type of plan has been used for years to help individuals with the funding of large premiums, and/or to reduce the cash flow required to fund a much needed life insurance policy.

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